Our beginnings: olive oil production in Provence

It is in France in the Alpilles in Baux de Provence that our story starts, with the acquisition in the 1990s of the olive grove of Bois Gentil. Seduced by Provençal cuisine, we take up the challenge of creating beautiful olive oil from the fruit of our land’s 900 olive trees. The project coincides with the arrival in the region of modern mills, which can transform recently harvested olives into oil within less than two hours.

With the support of olive grower Rémi Coste, later a major player in the establishment in 1997 of the protected designation of origin “Vallée des Baux de Provence”, we begin the exploitation of our olive grove and launch our brand, Domaine du Bois Gentil.

It is through our olive grove in Provence that we learn the complexity of producing outstanding olive oils and enter the universe of Grand cru olive oils, of which we are now an ambassador.

More or less fruity, intense, mild, bold or subtle – the taste of each olive oil is the result of a multitude of factors: the olive varieties that make up the blend, their quality and level of maturation, the geological profile of the olive grove, the method of extraction and of course, the talent of the master miller.

Producing exceptional olive oil: an on-going involvement

We work with a handful of olive oil mills to produce our range every year. They know of how exacting standards and are partners whose skills we call upon to compose our range every year. Every step of the way, we taste, select and analyse to find the most successful productions.

Our Grand Cru olive oils are from Provence, where we learnt our craft and where ancestral methods of production deliver a taste like no other.

Testament to their outstanding quality, our award-winning range is used by some of the world's most celebrated multi-starred Michelin chefs including Peter Goossens and Geert Van Hecke in Belgium.

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